Successful Event Promotion

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Successful Event Promotion


Promoting an event is a big project that needs the right tools and necessary steps and resources to make it a success. However, if for every event promotion project the necessary steps have been taken and you as an event planner know what to do, it can be very rewarding and indeed can turn that event into a blooming one.    

For every event promotion project, here are some things that you need to do: 

1-Budget Awareness 

Events cost money and a client needs to know from the get-go how much that event is gonna cost him/her to launch. It’s his/her right to know this number and you as an event planner must make it a priority to discuss it with your client when it comes to event promotion. Because you know what event planning is about and you’re in the event promoting business, you should be able to give him/her a ballpark estimate. You don’t have to be exact in that first talk, but you should know how much he/she is willing to spend to promote their event because that will guide all of your decisions moving forward. 

2-Audience Understanding 

Knowing your audience is an elemental issue to the success of your event promotion because if you’re going to plan an event promotion you can’t promote that event on Pinterest, where 90% of the audience is female while the event hosts male weightlifters and also you can’t promote an event on Reddit while the event is hosting retirees. Those retirees could be reached through Facebook, email newsletters, and television advertising. So, to ensure that your event promotion is a success, you as an event planner should take the necessary demographic information about your targeted audience from their interests, where they hang out in real life and online, their age, to their education and other types of information. 

3-Target Messaging 

In planning for an event, you as an event planner have to target in your messaging the broadest audience possible. In making event promotion a success your message shouldn’t be about the audience’s habits or likes, a slogan, or even wording that you say to your audience, but should be boiled down to its fundamentals, laser-focused, simple, straightforward, easy to remember, appealing and grabs attention. 

4- Going online  

If you know your audience and what message to send you can start creating all of your marketing collateral online and use all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for that cause. Social media platforms know EXACTLY how to target people if you want to run ads with them–and it will serve your message because you know exactly what you need to say and everyone nowadays is online, from 14-year-olds on their first smartphones to 80-year-olds looking at their grandkids on Facebook.   

5-Offline Promotion 

You as an event planner can still promote your event offline, for online isn’t everything, newspapers and magazines may be shrinking but they’re not gone, and print media is still a powerful tool and in the right place. So, hurry up and start sending promotions in the remaining highly readable newspapers and magazines for they are still rewarding and very much a thing for event promotion. To that end, also use your mailbox for sending those endless letters for a profit but be assured that direct mail companies wouldn’t be spamming them.  

6-Make it Meaningful 

You as an event planner should know the reason why people would come to your event and use that to promote it more effectively. As such the event planner should set an event that means a lot for its attendees, for these people are going to come to that event because they want something that will change them even for a moment, to learn how to be better, to experience a little fun, to grow their wealth, or to celebrate with friends. These people aren’t attending that event searching for ways to burn their money.  

Why don’t you as an event manager implement these best practices and plan engaging, memorable events that achieve your event goals with Stage Gorillaz?

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