Enchanted Garden Wedding

An enchanting garden wedding

Enchanted Garden Wedding

Staging a memorable wedding is an inspirational event, the moments in which every bride and groom wait enthusiastically. The groom is exquisitely dressed up, while the bride is wearing a floral wedding headpiece and carrying a bouquet that matches the exquisite wedding cake.

But what if the scene is a beautiful locale with lush estates and incredible manor gardens, this wedding theme will be easy to put in place if carrying on with the following:

  1. Menswear

For a magical enchanted garden wedding, the groom and his groomsmen can be dressed in black with a black tie which is the most popular guideline for the groom and his wedding party, semi-formal is also acceptable, or they can be dressed in a fancy black suit along with a bow tie. Should the groom choose a suit, be sure to have matching vests. To that end, the tux can be made from velvet and a nice accent is for the groom and his groomsmen to wear satin neckties that match the bridesmaids’ dresses and add a top hat to go along with the suit.

  1. Food

For wedding receptions, couples request food based on their personal favorites. But here you are in an enchanted garden wedding and food has to be served to follow the theme. As such implement the following:

  • Choose a vintage-style table and decorate it with greenery
  • Offer food stations, and grazing tables elegantly display wedding food.
  • Serve a variety of cheese, fresh fruits, or even veggies and dips at grazing tables.
  • Charcuterie boards are also a hit at an enchanted garden wedding.
  • Cold meats and bread can be served in this manner as well as fruits and veggies.
  1. Wedding Dresses & Accessories

The bride of an enchanted garden wedding has endless options that all fit with the theme and these can be:

  • A bridal gown adorned with lace and feminine touches makes a perfect enchanted garden wedding dress.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can wear lily-white lace; some choose ivory or even off-white lace.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can choose a lace gown that has colorful accents.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can wear the traditional white dress.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can forgo the traditional white dress and choose a floral dress for the big day.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can wear many gowns that utilize floral accents but are still quite traditional.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can go for a long bridal veil or a long train on the dress.
  • Brides of an enchanted garden wedding can go with long veils and trains that are simply romantic and regal at the same time.

These items lend to a “regal” image, and besides, what are the chances a bride will ever get to wear these items again?

  1. What to Look for in a Venue

The venue of an enchanted garden wedding should look appealing, pleasing, and welcoming so ensure To make it include the following:

  • Holding the nuptials at a historic home, a museum, a private garden or villa, or even a botanical garden can only add to the enchantment of your big day.
  • Any wedding venue should offer plenty of room for guests, as well as accessibility.
  • Consider parking for your guests as well, so that they will easily park and walk to the ceremony at the wedding venue.
  • Be sure to speak with venue officials about anything they provide.
  • Having access to tables and chairs as well as linens and any small particularities can stretch your budget since you won’t have to rent those things.
  1. Color Palette

For an enchanted garden wedding you as a bride can lavish yourself with a wealth of color options and these can be:

  • Some brides adore opal and lavender. These colors are romantic and understated but still beautiful.
  • Other brides add deep purple color to accent floral arrangements, and with that, they will have the perfect color palette!
  • Other brides will opt for jewel tones. These colors include reds, blush pink, white and off-white, and deep, rich purple colors.
  • Some brides may add a splash of blue as well.
  • Of course, pastels are always appropriate for an enchanted garden wedding. This can include yellow, lavender, pink, and blue or a mix and match of any of the aforementioned colors.
  1. Budget

In budgeting for an enchanted garden wedding, you as a bride have to be picky and tricky, assessing every item and always considering what should or shouldn’t be included in the budget. As thus consider the following in your quest:

  • When preparing a budget for your wedding, always prioritize certain items.
  • Can’t live without a certain type of dress? Account for it in the budget, shop around and allocate that money before considering other budget items.
  • Do you have your heart set on a certain wedding reception venue? Once you learn the rental price, set aside that amount in the budget.
  • For prepping a wedding, it is always important to decide what a bride’s must-haves are so they get a higher priority on the budget list.
  • Decide on renting a limo for leaving with, and if that’s not a big concern deduct that amount from the budget.
  • You can always pick up smaller or cheaper-priced items on your list, and if you find these items on sale or can borrow them, then allocate those savings to more of the must-have items.
  1. Bridesmaid Dresses

For an enchanted garden wedding, the bridesmaid can flatter themselves with dresses of different design styles that can fit the bride’s wants and desires on the big day and these are:

  • You may want to outfit the bridesmaids in ankle-length princess-style gowns.
  • Cap sleeves are perfect for outdoor weddings, and floral accents match the enchanted garden wedding theme.
  • Some brides are allowing their wedding party to choose their bridesmaid dresses.
  • Colors should work together, and bridesmaids may want to decide on the length of their dresses so that can be coordinated.
  • Bridesmaids can wear pastel-colored dresses – particularly blush pink or coral color – floor length with spaghetti straps or even strapless.
  1. Groom Style

As hitherto stated, the options are endless for the groom and his attire at the enchanted garden wedding and some options for his outfit for the big day are:

  • Some grooms opt for a traditional suit in beige or blue-gray color, for this color goes well with lavender.
  • Some grooms may go all out with a traditional suit and a matching vest and bow tie.
  • Some grooms might wear a black tuxedo complete with a vest and bow tie.
  • A few grooms skip the suit jacket but wear the pants and a vest with a bow tie.
  1. Wedding Invitations

For an enchanted garden wedding to be complemented it has to be endorsed by wedding invitations that can be a really fun and interesting part of preparing for the big day and these can look like the following:

  • Since the theme involves gardens, floral arrangements on the exterior of the invitation are a natural illustration, but keep in mind to use the same colors as for your wedding bouquet.
  • Other options include using cards for the invitations s where brides may have a design that appears to be an illustration of a forest path with the details of the wedding can be written in a “clearing” between the trees.
  • Other options can be opting for a rustic forest background and many digital download products are editable, so you can make your invitations using that template.
  • Other options include using cards for the invitation s with a flower-covered swing, and an orchard ladder.