A Brunch Wedding

Brunch wedding

A Brunch Wedding

Heading for a traditional wedding with the groom and his groomsmen all dressed in black with a black tie and the bride and the bridesmaid dressing in white, a colorful scene indeed. But what about having a change where the groom and his groomsmen have all dressed casually and the bride and the bridesmaid are dressed in a gown with a lace back and cascading tulle, gorgeous white roses, and can’t resist mimosas; a brunch wedding is so much fun!

With a beautiful cobalt blue color palette, delicious-looking crepe cake, and a fantastic little mimosa bar – today’s brunch wedding inspiration is overflowing with delicious details and consists of the following: 


If your nuptials are taking place in an incredible garden or a historical mansion, you will be opting for a wedding food based on what is undoubtedly the best meal ever invented, but this is a brunch wedding and your guests are expecting to brunch so stick to the theme and provide them with:

• Pancakes, waffles, huevos rancheros, acai bowls, avocado, and eggs on everything – all those delicious dishes that make brunch amazing.

• For a dry wedding, adding a hit of booze to proceedings, staying on your theme, and keeping everyone happy, stick with the brunch classics. That’s mimosas, bellinis, bloody marys – all those absolute brunch favorites that are going to sing “brunch wedding”.


A brunch wedding is less costly than a traditional wedding because:

• Chances are you’re having it earlier in the day and not having a full sit-down meal. 

• Here, the costs of catering and venue hire tend to come down because you won’t be in the space as long or take up tons of kitchen space.

• Also, the brunch wedding idea as a theme is a fairly casual one. 

• It’s a lot lower key than other weddings so you can save on some of the decor and entertainment costs if you’re having a wedding brunch as the main reception celebration. 

• Of course, you can have 100 guests and a full ballroom for your brunch too, so it’s all about your preferences and your budget.


Because brunch weddings tend to be more casual by their earlier nature with less formal dining situation, menswear and the groom’s attire will carry this vibe throughout the wedding as such:

• no jackets and ties and more natural fabrics and colors to soften the aesthetic.

• Wearing a tux to a brunch event would look weird even if it is a wedding! 

•break the formality from your menswear wedding look to match the surrounding venue and atmosphere to create a cohesive look and make the photos wonderful.

4-What to Look for in a Venue:

On the whole, brunch weddings tend to be smaller events and accordingly a brunch wedding venue can come with different looks and it can be as such:

• It can be an indoor wedding venue that can either cater brunch-style menus or has a kitchen that your caterers deem sufficient. 

• It can be outside or in a tent.

• It can be somewhere that is laid back, perhaps with exposed brick or natural wood, but a venue that still has enough space for a long table to keep the brunch wedding theme alive and well. 

• It can be based on some quirky, interesting options outside of traditional wedding venues, such as function rooms or your favorite restaurant’s private dining space.

5-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas:

When it comes to hosting a brunch wedding a lot of wedding photoshoot ideas come to mind and these can be:

• When thinking up inventive and fun wedding shoot ideas for a brunch-themed wedding, then immediately the 1960s dinner-style shoots spring to mind. 

• Think about cute booth photos of you and your new spouse, two straws in one milkshake, and feeding each other copious amounts of pancakes, eggs, waffles, and other delicious brunch treats.

• You can make your photoshoot more elegant with mimosa cheering, sitting behind a long table with all your friends and family for a more complete, traditional-looking wedding photoshoot.

• Bonus points for photographs taken with the whipped cream canisters!

6-Portrait Props:

If launching a brunch wedding you can provide yourself with several obvious props that you can use for your portrait photos and these can be:

• For very easy, theme-appropriate props that your guests can have fun with and create some memorable photos with, you can consider:

  • get the waffle press out 
  • use the mimosa flutes
  • get a whisk out and look like you’re whipping up a batch of fluffy, delicious blueberry pancakes.  

• For a bit more of a party vibe, if you’re looking to run your brunch themed wedding into an evening reception, you can also go down the bottomless brunch theme and have some out their photo booth style props like: 

  • giant sunglasses
  • beach balls
  • inflatable cocktail glasses. 

7-Ceremony Decor:

If launching a brunch wedding the ceremony decor can be customized as such:

• Compliant with your venue theme:

In this case, your ceremony decor for a brunch-themed wedding should include those brunch favorites with your chosen wedding venue.

if your venue is in your favorite restaurant, for example, you should be doing a lot of the heavy lifting like dressing it up slightly with things like drapery and chair covers to add some sophistication to the overall brunch wedding look.

• Out of your venue theme:

A lot of your chosen brunch wedding themes will come from your reception venue rather than your ceremony, so you can keep your wedding ceremony look fairly traditional and then go all out of the brunch theme afterward.

8-Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment:

In hosting a brunch wedding both music and entertainment should match the venue, for you need what conforms to the atmosphere that you’re trying to create. As such:

• The music for a brunch wedding with such a chilled vibe should go for a folk acoustic cover band or DJ with a playlist that can help you to tailor it before the big day and not go for a big noisy band or a more formal string quartet

• The entertainment for a brunch wedding can go 

  • as kooky as you like with eating competitions and the like,
  • as a classic is the “make your own” bars. For this theme, it could be waffle and pancake toppings, eggs cooked to order in front of you, or even different flavored fruit purees for your mimosas.

9-Favors & Gifts:

In hosting a brunch wedding favors and gifts differ likewise:

• With a food-themed wedding of any kind, there is only one way to go with the wedding favors and that is with more food like:

  • personalized cupcakes with the couple’s face on them and the date 
  • or just add liquid pancake mixes in prettily decorated mason jars

• For gifts for your brunch wedding party, you can inject some fun into things to tie your bridal gifts into your overall brunch wedding theme and give the bonus of having your friends and loved ones being able to host you for brunch for years to come as well, and these include:

  • personalized waffle irons 
  • spatulas
  • mimosa glasses 

10- Outdoor Wedding Ideas:

Recently, brunch weddings have been hosted outdoors rather than indoors due to the following:

• Having your brunch wedding on the roof of a cool restaurant, bar or hotel is a great option for an outdoor wedding and sounds like a perfect plan because:

  • you’ll be able to utilize the kitchen downstairs for catering
  • You’ll have all the necessary tables, chairs, and equipment on-site and ready to be used.
  • rooftop brunches and weddings have grown in popularity, especially in bigger cities where outdoor space is at a premium.
  • typically, brunches are hosted indoors due to proximity to kitchens only

11- Brunch Wedding with Mimosa Bar and Crepe Cake:

To complete the details and compliment them this Brunch Wedding can be with Mimosa Bar and Crepe Cake coupled with a soft, romantic feel and inspired by the thought of a fun and relaxed brunch party complete with sweet treats and can use bright cobalt blue with accents of mint and gold. The bride can wear a gorgeous gown with a lace back, covered buttons, and plenty of cascading tulle on the skirt to add to the ethereal feel, while the hairstyle can be created as the most beautiful braided updo to complete the look. You can keep her style soft with a beautiful bouquet of fluffy white roses accented with pale blue thistle and eucalyptus.

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